Welcome to I am a Japanese/English language specialist working in the fields of translation, technical rewriting, English teaching and computer programming and consulting. This website provides information about the services that I can offer your business.

The Japanese and English languages are vastly different in a variety of ways that can make it difficult for a business to develop products that target both markets. In the field of translation, for instance, it is not only difficult for a company to ensure that translated material is a faithful reproduction of the given source material, but also to ensure that the translated material is grammatically correct, written in an appropriate style, and engaging to the reader. As another example, English-speaking computer programmers are often baffled by complaints from Japanese customers after attempting to localize a software package into Japanese. These problems arise from difficulties parsing Japanese character encodings, incorrect database sorting and indexing methods, and a lack of preparation during planning to correctly implement the features that are necessary for the complex task of handling Japanese names.

The advantages that I can offer your business are an in-depth understanding of complex technical concepts, years of experience with computer languages, a solid understanding of the Japanese language, and an extremely good ability to manipulate and craft technical and academic English. The various sections in this website therefore describe the services that I can offer as well as providing guides that will help you to discover whether your current system for handling Japanese and English languages is sufficent. Select the area that you are interested in from the menu above to see more information on each of these different areas.

If you have any questions regarding the services that I offer or the content of this website, please don't hesitate to send an email to, or contact me using Skype or the webform on the contact page.

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